A Drop in the Ocean - Promo

Three years of planning, persuading, training and fund raising. Three months of physical endurance beyond normal limits. 52 days 6 hours and 47 minutes battling against the full force of the Atlantic Ocean. A new British Record, a new race record time, and the first solo boat ever to have won the Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race in a fleet of pairs and fours.

Meet Charlie Pitcher, a normal Englishman, a 47 year old father of four with a regular job; with the sheer strength, determination, commitment and endurance to put him one step above the others.

The race was a 3,000 mile journey from the Canary Islands to Antigua in nothing more than a small 7m rowing boat. Despite ripping all the skin off his backside, suffering 50 blisters on his hands, rowing 16 hours a day, and only sleeping for 4 hours a day, Charlie managed to keep it together winning with a 420 mile advantage over the 3,000 mile course. Charlie encountered the worst weather system in the history of the race, and he'll never forget the huge waves that slammed into his boat JJ, the constant rolling and wet conditions, the blazing sun, the wildlife and hallucinations.

Producer & Director: Olivia Chenevix-Trench

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