The Volunteer in Haiti

On January 12th, 2010 a massive earthquake hit Haiti leaving over 200,000 people dead and thousands more with their lives destroyed.

Exactly one year on from the tragedy and with billion of dollars in aid money promised, the situation in Haiti has not improved.

Amidst the chaos of an earthquake, a cholera epidemic and post election riots, 'The Volunteer' has linked up with a small UK charity, the Haiti Hospital Appeal, to provide security, training and a home to the much needed volunteers of this charity. 'The Volunteer' will be building a security wall, refurbishing a building and assist in the training and distribution of water filters for the Haiti Hospital Appeal in Haiti's second largest city called Cap Haitien. This challenging project hopes to inspire and assist in the relief work in Haiti.

Co-Producer & 1st Camera: Olivia Chenevix-Trench

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